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The Scent Bracelet™

The Scent Bracelet™

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🌸Classic Appearance

The stainless steel locket uses the circular carving design to make it look retro and elegant.

The tree of hope pattern carved on the dial of the bracelet has profound meaning. The tree of hope guards everyone we care about.

The exquisite craft and the blessing it represents make it suitable for all ages as a gift.

🌸Customize Your Look and Scent Daily!

The Scent Bracelet comes with 10 different colored, washable, and reusable refill pads, allowing you to match your essential oils and outfits, giving your bracelet a fresh look every day.


How long does a fragrance last on the Scent Bracelet?

The fragrance duration varies depending on the type of scent used and its concentration. On average, you can expect the fragrance to last anywhere from 5 to 7 days before requiring a refill. Factors such as temperature and the type of scent can affect the longevity.

Can I change the scent on my Scent Bracelet?

Yes, our Scent Bracelet is designed to be refillable. When your current fragrance fades, you can simply add more perfume or essential oil to the bracelet's diffuser or scent compartment. This allows you to change scents as often as you like, offering versatility and customization.

Can I adjust the wrist size?

Absolutely! Our Scent Bracelet is designed with adjustability in mind. It features an adjustable strap that can be tailored to fit a range of wrist sizes comfortably.

Shipping times?

The Scent Bracelet orders are fulfilled and then shipped to anywhere in the world in an average 10-15 days.

  • "★★★★★" - Andrea M

    I purchased this perfume bracelet as a way to feel connected to my partner during our long-distance relationship, and it has been an absolute game-changer. The ability to wear their favorite scent on my wrist, just as they do, makes me feel closer to them even when we're apart. It's like having a piece of them with me all the time. Its a no brainer for the price especially when you factor in the 1 year warranty, and 30 day money back guarantee! Happy I purchased mine :)

  • "★★★★★" - Bob T.

    As someone who struggles with separation anxiety, this perfume bracelet has been a true lifesaver. Whenever I have to be away from my loved ones, simply inhaling the comforting aroma from the bracelet brings me a sense of calm and reassurance. It's like having a security blanket for my emotions. The scent diffusion is gentle yet long-lasting, providing much-needed comfort during those challenging moments of separation.

  • "★★★★★" - Steven M.

    I gifted this bracelet to my girlfriend, and it was an instant hit. She absolutely adore it! The elegant design and the option to customize the scent made it a thoughtful and personal gift. It's like giving a piece of your heart to someone special. This bracelet has added a touch of romance to our lives, and I couldn't be happier with the joy it brings to my girlfriend. A truly wonderful and unique gift idea! Such a blessing in my life, easily worth the $20.